Complete Walk through Developers Take On The Newest Apple Operating System Release

Reviews on the Newest Apple Operating System

Upon the release of iPhone 7, Apple also released a new mobile operating system that can be used on iPads and iPhones. Technologically, the iphone app development world is a fast growing industry. With every release of a new Smartphone, there is an improved operating system that enables developers to manipulate and make their own creations. The iOS 10 is a new operating system version that has a lot of features its users can enjoy.

One of the main features that comes with iOS 10 is a complete redesign system that has user experience. As is common with most Apple devices, you swipe to unlock. With the improved operating system, the lock screen has completely been redesigned. You are able to add widgets to your lock screen as well as be able to swipe left or right for different functions. As a user, you are able to make your lock screen look like a homepage where you can easily access some of your applications without unlocking the phone. When Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, they enabled a fingerprint passcode that will allow its users to quickly access their homepage. With the new iOS 10, there is a better version of unlocking your phone- Rise to Wake. This unlocking type allows its users to access their homepage by raising their phone; it is very secure.

The iOS has a Siri voice assistant that can assist the users when using their favorite applications. It is able to search for photos, contacts, get directions to a specified location, set a time and a reminder, start and end a workout session and many more. These features have proven to be very popular among Smartphone users, as they comprise of some of the most cutting edge technology today. The Siri app has been upgraded to use your favorite apps and answer all common questions that would have you google or use other applications to get answers. Before you hire an iOS app developer, you want to be sure that that they have these capabilities.

One of the most amazing features that comes with iOS 10 is the quick type. It’s a fast and effective way of texting. It is very proactive and offers multilingual support. Furthermore, the operating system has made a big upgrade in the photo session. The app uses different techniques to analyze photos and locations so that it can make an album. The effects, filters and beauty has been enhanced to be of perfection.

In summary;
The iOS 10 is an advanced operating system that enables Apple users to have easier access to applications in their phone. Truth of the matter is that iOS app Developers and users are able to enjoy the great features that come along with the OS. A good developer to hire is one who is flexible, versatile, and knowledgeable on both operating systems. Such is able to design or create any apps that are unique to your business or personal needs, and ensuring that they are compatible with iOS 10.

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