In our fast day to day life many a times we tend to forget our mobile devices at places. This increases the probability of our device landing into wrong hands and being switched off by the person.

Block Switch off app will protect the device from getting switched-off/TURNED OFF in lock/password protected mode, ensuring the possibility to trace it easily.

Block Switch-off means to be a paramount app and a must have to secure mobile devices.

This app works with most of the devices including Samsung galaxy A6, Samsung S7 Edge,One Plus 3.

This App will start automatically on device start, So no need to go and launch the service.

Please note this app is not meant for the devices which has removable battery.

As unwanted user will not be able to “Turn Off” the phone it will increase the possibility of “Track lost phone” with the help of Android device manager.

It is one smart screen lock for you.

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