Making Android Better for Kids and Families

Making digital technology sensible and safefor kids is the biggest challenge for the families. Besides gaming and entertainment, mobile apps have greater jobs like educating and helping kids with their school related activities. Considering this, Google introduced its first Google Account for children known as Family Link.

Google’s Family Link service was initiated in March 2017 to enhance parental control. It lets parents open Google account for kids under 13. The parents can even remotely control and monitor the apps installed on the Android devices.

Family Link App from Google

With the family link app, you can stay connected with your child’s online activity on your Android device. Here we have listed the best features that will self-explain why parents have a reason to relax even when their children are using theinternet.

1. Managing Apps your Child Uses

Parents or elders can easily manage the apps their children use. Family link also helps families to keep an eye on the time a child spends on the screen of the device. Once parents sign in the app from their device, they can track usage of the child’s device.

Monthly and weekly reports can also be generated from the parents’ apps. You may also set a guideline or rules for the kids. In short, you can restrict the hours your child spends on the mobile and on a particular app.

2. Remote Locking Feature

The remote locking feature of Google’s Family Link allows families to lock child’s device from anywhere. While being far from your kids, you can still monitor what apps can or cannot be installed on their Android phones. You can also customize the time to be spent on different apps.

3. Bedtime Settings

Parents can set daily limits as well do the bedtime settings. The bedtime settings feature of the Family Link allows parents to set the timings when the kids should sleep and study. A great feature to regulate and monitor the appropriate timing for the children to spend on the device.

How to Use Google’s Family Link on Androids

To use the Family Link facility, both parents and kids should have an Android device. Download the Family link app that is freely available in Google Play Store. However, the facility is lately available on other devices like iPhones.

The facility is compatible on Android Kitkat 4.4. and all newer versions. A parent has to download the Family Link mobile app to their device. From their app, they can set up the Google Account for their kids under 13.

Parents can simply approve or block the apps for their child. The filtering options configurations give freedom to the parents to control the Google’s apps like search and chrome browser. Hence, parents and families are at peace.

The risk of kids getting exposed to the online adult stuff and other harmful stuff is well-controlled. While it is extremely difficult to tap the online activities, this is indeed a great step.

The families can now rely on this Android system and ensure thesafety of their kids in terms of both time and quality of the time spent on the device.

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