iOS 11 A Game Changer for iphone users

iOS 11 – A Game Changer for iPhone Users

The disclosure of iOS 11 with big new features is paving a way for completely new Apple generation devices. The latest update to the iOS will goes live around the month of September. For those who are sporting iPhone 6 / iPAD 5 and above will get newest enhancements.

This article is a genuine effort to show you how iOS 11 update is important. How it’s going to impact the way you use your apple devices.

Top 5 New Features of iOS 11

Check out the major changes iOS 11 will be bringing for the users as well for the iOS developers.

  • 1.Augmented Reality

    AR is already quite used technology but yet to be capitalized fully. Pokemon Go is the most popular example to quote so far. Apple will be going high with this partial reality experience. It is expected to surpass Google and Amazon with iOS 11 as far as AR is concerned. Now Apple is promising to take it to the next level. iOS app developers can keep their fingers crossed till the actual launch happens.

  • 2.Apple Pay – Pay with iMessage

    Apple Pay update is something that will put iOS 11 as areal game changer. Apple Pay is already an impactful feature for the Apple users. But its integration in the messages app will sky rocket its popularity. Imagine the luxury of paying right from your iMessage app. As simple as tapping an icon, entering an amount, and confirm with Touch id. Whenever your messages will have a dollar amount, Quick Type pop up will let you pay in a few taps.

  • 3.Indoor Mapping

    The recent update now adds a new feature to the Apple maps. The indoor mapping will be possible for major shopping centres and airports around the world. It will also include lane guidance to save you from missing any exit or turns. iPhone users will have benefit to scan through floor plans to get to the shops. The major airports will be under the ambit of this service. Users can scan the different areas of airports to make their way quickly.

  • 4.Customized Control Centre

    A better control over your iPhone control centre! With iOS 11, the control centre is getting a new look with additional features. Users can customise the screen with additional widgets and buttons. There will always be an option to keep it simple if you wish. The new lock screen gives a convenience of all notifications displayed in a single place.

  • 5.Updated Voices for Siri

    Apple’s intelligent personal assistant will get a make over for voices. Apple is introducing new male and female Siri voices. They are rather more natural in intonation, emphasis, and pitch. Let us see if it really improves users’ convenience with Siri.

    Other updates that iOS 11 is bringing include redesigned app drawer. The one-handed mode and QR code support also need mentions. Improved screenshot functionality and personalized Apple News and Apple Music are other major features of iOS 11.

    We hope this peek into the iOS 11 features is giving iPhone users a win-win feeling. At the same time, the AR kit will let developers dive deep into mixed real world experiences for gaming, shopping, and industrial apps.

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