Estimation Checklist – How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Uber

Taxi services like Uber and Lyft are serving the busiest cities with a great efficiency.  Looking at the success, many transport companies want to create their apps in the same model. Other businesses are also following the same strategy while demanding the apps. Mobile apps for booking travels are extremely popular in last few years.
If you have to create an Uber like app for your customer, here is a checklist of the cost. The list will help you to understand the approach while developing theapp. As a developer, you need to peek at all the top taxi apps to get the estimate of the cost.


Understanding Uber Features and Development Cost

The first thing to know before you venture out building a similar taxi app is the concept of separate apps. Uber works with two different apps i.e. Driver app and Passenger app.

Uber Driver App comprises personal profile editing, active/inactive options. Passengers can see only the active drivers on the map. Driver app also has activity alert and gives ride fare when selected. A driver can call a passenger from whom he receives alert. Drivers can generate reports of earnings and travel bookings.

The Passenger App of Uber has personal profile editing option with 24X7 booking option. A passenger can call or message the driver, check fare and discounts. The approaching cab can be tracked as well. The Passenger App also has other high features like split fare and share a ride.

By estimating your hours of app development for developing the two apps, you can derive the approximate development cost. The approximate cost will range from 6000 Dollars to 8000 Dollars depending upon your region.

Cost of Features and Functionalities

The best features of Uber are tracking the cab and getting estimated fare. The list of major functions of the app will help you to access the approximate cost for app enhancement.

  1. Payment – The app offers cashless as well payment in cash options. Passengers can even get approximate fare before requesting a ride. The fare rates also depend on the type of cab ordered. Uber uses Paypal group’s services and for safe payment transactions. The cost of integrating the payment mechanism is the most challenging task. The overall cost of developing and implementing cost of payment gateway will be approximately around US$ 55 to 65 per hour.
  1. Sign Ups and Registrations– Sign up options and profile creation are the most common features of the apps that involve payments. The sign ups also involve authorization or OTP verification via email or phone. It almost takes 120 to 130 hours for implementation of sign ups, registration, and profile creation features in the app.
  1. Alerts, Notifications & Feedback– The most attractive concept of the taxi app is allowing passengers to get in touch with the drivers without exiting the app. Uber app also capitalize the push notifications, SMS alerts, and e-mails to inform users about deals and offers. The estimated hours will be around 70 hours for communication related functions.

Further to above, designing cost and cost of the platforms need to be considered. Summing up all the above costs, you can arrive at the rough cost of developing an Uber like the app.

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