Android 8.0 Oreo Released With Many New Features

Google’s super popular operating system for mobiles now has its latest version called Android 8.0. Also known as Oreo, it is already launched publicly on 21st of August 2017. The newest version promises almost doubled speed and higher efficiency. Moreover, the latest version also offers to save your battery and by tackling background activity.

While Android 8.0 Oreo will be first available on Sony Xperia XZ1; it will also be soon available on other makers like General Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola, Essential and others. We have highlighted here the major new features of the version.

Android 8.0 Highlights and Features

Here we have listed the most remarkable features of the latest version of Android.


No matter what operating system or device you use, speed is always important. If you are avid on the go user, speed is the king. Android Oreo brings relief for you as you will have rapid performance. Android 8.0 is two times fast on Pixel. Features like auto fill save your precious time spent over login to your favourite apps

Visual Pleasure:

While it does not address visual changes on priority, it has some great alterations that involve visuals. The notification dots gives users a vibrant nudge for notification alerts.

Indeed, no worries for the emoji lovers. Android 8 Oreo also brings a full league of superbly redesigned emoticons. The Android Oreo Easter Egg is now a flexible octopus that floats and sizes big and small as you rotate your phone.

Enhanced User Friendliness:

The setting menu is improved to enhance user friendliness. While the settings menu is concise logically, key features are available with the option of ‘Quick Settings’. You can simply arrange or re-arrange the Quick Settings order as per your convenience.

PiP Mode:

Here is yet another feature that increases users’ freedom. Android Oreo gives you a liberty to handle two apps at once. While you are in an app, you can see notification of the other app. The notification dots in apps like YouTube and Google Hangout saves you from missing important notifications.

Android Instant App Support:

Android 8 supports Android Instant Apps that will give users a freedom to run apps instantly even without installing them. Just with a single tap, you can access your apps with great speed and high features.

Android 8 for App Launchers:

App developers have something more to explore and create with the arrival of Oreo. Android Oreo offers support for wide colour gamut’s, API for auto fillers, launching activities on remote devices, multiple processes, and NAN support.

“Adaptive Icons” deserve a mention here as Android Oreo contains these icons with distinguished shapes like squares, circles, and squircles. Developers can also restrict the background activities of the apps to improve the battery backup of the device.

In spite of the fact that Android Nougat has been an ambitious feature packed version, Android Oreo is one of the most refined versions so far. A truly reliable version that balances benefits for the users as well developers.

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